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Machine Bases: Machine Platforms & Plates

Precision Grinding manufactures custom steel machine bases. Rather than setting new machinery upon a bare concrete floor, machine manufacturers may recommend mounting large manufacturing equipment onto a machine base or a floor plate. A steel platform serves as a precise foundation for the attached apparatus in addition to serving as structural support for the concrete foundation. Many times, these machine platforms have pre-drilled holes for mounting to a concrete floor. The bulk of the cut-outs and drilled holes serve to mount the machine onto the plate.

A heavy machine might be specified to be built upon a pre-fabricated, precision steel table or base. When a machined plate supports the resting machinery, the equipment can be worked on from below, increasing clearances, while hydraulic fluid reservoirs, coolant hoses, and electrification can be routed from beneath.
 Heavy Duty Steel Tables & Precision Machine Bases

Machine Bases & Steel Tables

Our Blanchard Grinders can handle plates up to 14,000 lbs. with a maximum 128" corner-to-corner swing. Our close tolerance surface grinders can reach 30"h x 36 "x 173" at:

0.001" parallelism tolerances
0.002" per foot flatness requirements
0.001" thickness requirements

With some of the largest grinders in the country, we offer Blanchard & Surface grinding services and routine maintenance services for select steel mills, machine shops, and steel fabricators.


Floor plates, Base plates, Sole Plates

Precision Grinding manufactures Machine Tables, Steel Platforms, Sole Plates, Machined Platforms, Robot Bases, and all types of custom Steel Bases for your Precision Machines.
Please, Call 1-888-WE-GRIND.

MACHINED PLATES   Steel Frames and Heavy Parts

Vertical Milling  to 30"h x 78" x 122"

This Takumi CNC Vertical Milling Machine can also drill horizontally when we attach the 90 right angle head.

The CNC Vertical Machining Center pictured below is also capable of performing Horizontal Machining cuts, including end milling, face milling and hole drilling. The Takumi has a simultaneous tool capacity of 40 cutting tools. Our CNC machines can probe to better than 0.001" accuracy, measuring precision cuts to one- thousandth inch for boring, cutting, drilling, tapping, counter-sinking, reaming, and roughing tools, among others. Probing accuracy and inspection become important because it's difficult for any two experienced machinists to accurately measure 0.001 the same every time.

This CNC Machine can hold up to 22,000 lbs. and can fit parts up to 30"x78"x122".
This base plate measures 2" x 65" x 114". Drilling sets of 4 holes.

Precision Grinding, Inc. offers:

 ►Large in-stock Steel Plate Inventory: ASTM A-36

 ►Flame Cutting and Large Surface Grinding

 ►CNC Machining, Horizontal Milling, Bar Mills & Planer Mills

Machined Plates Specialists:  Any size or quantity.

We stock large quantities of  96" x 240"  sheets of ASTM A36 steel plate from 1/4" - 8" thick, along with a select inventory of HR plate, 1020, A572 Grade 50, 1045, 4140, and A514 - T1 in order to manufacture precision parts on-time, under budget, as ordered.

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