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Inventory to 8" Thick

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Robot Bases
for Automated Robotics
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since 1971.

Metric & Standard


Robot Bases - Steel Platforms
Heavy Articulated Robot Bases


Welded Steel Bases for Manufacturing Robots

To Your custom design: size, dimensions & type
Welded Base Frames:
Continuous Stream Welding
●  ASTM A36 Steel Plates, Hot Roll
●  2", 3" or 4" square tubing Available
● Cast Iron Base Support

Blanchard Ground
tops and bottoms ( .005" - .030")
Precision Machined bores, holes, threads, grooves
Large G&L Milling & Machining
Precision Machine Shop: Large CNC Machines

Custom paint color / type available upon request

Capacity to Manufacture Large Custom Bases


Solid Plate Steel Platforms & Machine Bases

Your Design Engineering: Custom Applications
A-36 Steel Plate base frame, side frames & top frame
Precision steel plate pads
Heavy-duty base supports
Continuous Stream MIG Welding & Rod Welding
Precision machined fabrications
Blanchard Ground to close tolerances
 *** Large Blanchard Grinding to 128" OD to 45" tall
 *** Reciprocating Grinding to 48" x over 200" to 15" tall
Custom paint epoxy or enamel available


Steel Fabricating Workforce

The highly skilled fabricators, plate cutters, grinders, and machine shop machinists at Precision Grinding have years of experience crafting precision steel plate & steel bar products into a custom steel fabrication. Whatever type of machine base, work platform, robot pedestal, workbench, frame foundation or fabricated base you can pre-engineer, we have the know-how and the experience to build your automated or Articulated Robot Bases to your design. Please, allow us the opportunity to "fabricate complete" your next custom machine base.

Robotics Bases are normally quoted within two days. Often times, there is complex, precision machining involved. Please, call us to discuss your fabrication requirements 1-888-WE-GRIND (934-7463).


Articulated Robot Arm Bases (Cast Iron Bottom)
Robot Bases for Articulated Robot Arms, prior to Blanchard Grinding
Cast Iron & Steel Plate Bases: Custom Robotics Bases
Robot Bases - post Blanchard Grinding - up to 45" tall, available to 128" OD
Precision Ground on a 128" OD Blanchard Grinding Machine.
Steel Base Frames, Welded, Blanchard Ground tops and bottoms
Welded Steel Bases: Welded Frames: Robotics Automation
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