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Precision Grinding endorses
Earth-Chain Workholding Magnets

"During profile & face milling, we are able to save valuable machine preparation time by using these Earth-Chain USA block magnets.
In comparison, when factoring in the total amount of preparation time dedicated to individually resetting  studs, T-nuts, washers, nuts, clamps, and clamp heels,
Earth-Chain MagVISE block magnets saved us over 30 minutes per machined part versus machining without these super-holding magnets. We performed a scientific, timed test while machining a quantity of 100, customer ordered sole plates. For each individually machined base, as compared to the time required to insert, tighten, actually machine these plates, then to loosen, clean, and store clamps and screw holdings back onto the setup cart, these new magnets saved us labor time, while increasing productive machine hours. They effectively and efficiently pay for themselves within just a few months time.

Stanley Crooks, Machine Shop Manager, 15 years

Calculate maximum lifting loads, compliments of Earth-Chain:

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Please, view our MAGNETICS VIDEO
Workholding Magnets by Earth Chain. In place of clamping down these sole plates, these magnets save valuable machine time. 

We machine 1.5" x 12" x 14" sole plates two at a time. There are two ECB-210CBM magnets used to hold each plate, as there are minimal clamps and filler blocks required.

Work hold magnetics by Earth Chain. It takes only a moment to set up these magnets for multiple runs of the same part. Here, we're using two magnets to completely support and hold-down a sole pad. 
This is a close-up shown above. At a size of 9.2" x 5.2" x 5.3"  these multiple workpiece magnets rate at 4620 lbs. max. force each.
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