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Side Frames

Precision Grinding manufactures steel plate side frames for custom built machines.

We stock a large inventory of A36, A572-Gr.50, 1045, 4140, and A514-T1 plate ranging in thicknesses from 1/4" to 8" thick.

After being flame cut in our Plate Cutting Department and Blanchard ground to within 0.005" tolerance levels on our grinders, these A36 steel side frames pictured alongside were drilled and machined upon a Takumi CNC machine.

Normal Tolerance Request Thickness Flatness Parallelism
Blanchard Grinding 0.005 0.005 0.005
Surface Grinding 0.001 0.003 0.001

Heavy Steel Side Plates for Custom Machines

New press calender machines incorporate an L-Frame and an A-Frame roller system in order to allow the insertion of up to four large rollers. Multiple roller press machines can now handle laminating and coating paper, in addition to printing multi-colored, dual sided, multiple layer paper products, such as calendars and cover papers. A large press roll cylinder is inserted into the largest hole of the press L-Frame pictured to the right forming the stabilization ends for the printing portion of the press machine. Also spelled as Calendar Machine. Referred to as Calenders.


With up to 31" x 78" x 122" CNC Machine capacity and bar mill table tops extending 84" x 144", we can machine steel frames, table tops, and fabrications to nearly 20' in length. Our largest Blanchard Grinder can handle fabrications up to 45" tall with a 128" corner-to-corner swing. Our largest reciprocal Mattison Grinder can grind plate up to 48" wide x 240" long to within narrow tolerance ranges.

In addition to custom Machine Frames, we manufacture large, flat, parallel and square plate products for all kinds of machines and fabrications. Please, call us at 1-888-WE-GRIND when you have a need for steel plate side frames for your machine building requirements. Custom Machines Built for EXPORT may receive special discounts.


CNC Machined Side Frame

CNC Machining Side Frame plates, top plates & bottom plates for custom built machines
Precision Grinding flame cuts, grinds, and machines top frame assemblies, side frames, and bottom frame components to Engineered specifications. With large radius corners, inset cut-outs, and various size, drilled holes, "side plate" meets 0.001" tolerances.
A Frame plate -  post-machining -  in preparation for shipping.
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