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Welder Dies

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Steel Mills and Machine Shops often call upon Precision Grinding to recondition or to resurface machine parts. With normal use, heavy machinery demands often tend to wear plates. Knicks, dings, worn edges, and worn-past-tolerance flat surfaces may prevent your machines from accurately completing assigned tasks. Rather than to replace these expensive machine dies, surface grinding or Blanchard grinding may prolong the life of the part. For instance, weekly, we regrind, or rebuild, reshim and replace worn parts while completely reconditioning welding dies  for one of the steel mills. As a rule, maintenance supervisors know the projected machine repair schedules to follow, whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or other.

Regrinding and repair services are standard and are normal daily services that we provide. And, one of our strongest services includes providing time-critical, "emergency" plate reconditioning services for those times when you just can't be broken down.
In order to grasp how "fully automated coil joining systems" operate, please, take a look at this page by The Taylor Winfield Corporation

Blanchard Grinding Services

With a 128" corner-to-corner swing, our # 4 Blanchard Grinder can handle parts up to 45" tall. Our largest machine is capable of Step-Grinding extremely large parts. The standard tolerance levels for the Blanchards include 0.005" parallelism with a #8 ISO or 125 RMS surface finish. For critical, close tolerance surface grinding, our Mattison surface grinder can reach a # 6 ISO surface finish, or 32 RMS for parts to 24"h x 36" x 168" offering parallelism to 0.001" and the highest in flatness standards. 

Reworking Dies to close tolerance levels.

Ceramic mold dies, machine beds, plywood mill platens, sub plates and shear blades are examples of steel parts that require regularly scheduled maintenance and reconditioning.

Welding Dies used to adjoin coiled steel plate pieces.

Photo of Welder Dies refurbished

Precision Grinding, Inc. offers:

 ►Large in-stock Steel Plate Inventory: A36, 4140, T1, 1045, A572
 ►CNC Torch Burning and Plasma Beveling
 ►Annealing & Stress Relieving Furnace
 ►High Horsepower Blanchard Grinding and Surface Grinding
 ►CNC Machined Parts, Horizontal Mills, Bar Mills, Planer Mills
 ►Steel Fabricating, Welding, Assembling "Weldments"
 ►Custom Machine Building including Proto-typing Machinery

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