Die Set Components are used to adjust the shut height of manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic presses. Custom Steel Plate
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Risers, Pins, Columns

Similar to parallel risers, steel pins and columns are precision ground to a specific height for controlling the accuracy of the shut height of a press.  Whereas, the risers are squared or T-shaped and set at or near the sides of the press assembly to support a plate or a part, steel pins are set nearer to the middle of the plates or the parts, acting much like supporting pillars or columns so that the part being worked upon doesn't buckle. Often times, these middling pins are ground to + 0.001 - 0.002" taller than the riser blocks so that when the press plunges downward, these steel columns bear the load, absorbing the minute shocks that occur.

Steel pins and columns are cut to size and  to shape, then precision ground to thickness, flat and parallel. Please, call us at  1-888-WE-GRIND when we can help you fulfill your requirements for CUSTOM STEEL PLATE.

Call us when you need steel columns, pins, or risers for any application.

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Die Set Components: Pins & Columns

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We manufacture Columns, Riser Blocks. Riser Pins, and Parallels for manual and hydraulic presses and for machine applications.
Whatever steel shape you need, Precision Grinding offers saw cutting up to 20' length bars and rod, plate cutting for any size up to 240" in length, Blanchard and Surface Grinding up to 47" tall, CNC Machining up to 31" x 78" x 122", and a complete array of steel fabrication services for the manufacturing of structural weldments and custom machines.
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