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Die Shoes

Precision Grinding manufactures die shoes, or upper and lower plates for die sets. These die plates can be manufactured to any specifications, including the replacement of an existing shoe that may have been damaged during a production run. If your existing plates are not too severely damaged, PGI can straighten and regrind die plates for flatness.

The top or upper shoe, sometimes referred to as the punch-holder, has an average thickness of 1.5" - 3.5". The bottom or lower shoe is generally a little thicker than the top or upper shoe. These bottom shoes often have special shaped, burned holes for scrap or slug exit clearance.

PGI will generally CNC flame cut die shoes to specifications and stress relieve prior to grinding. Stress relieving allows us to achieve a tighter flatness tolerance, therefore providing better perpendicular tolerances for pin and bushing holes during the machining process. We offer these plates burned, stress relieved & ground or machined complete.

Your "one-stop-shop" Steel Service Center

With a large plate inventory, a stress relieving and annealing furnace, seven large Blanchard and Mattison rotary and surface grinders, and CNC Machine capacity alongside large planer and bar mills, Precision Grinding has the ability to give our customers very competitive pricing while minimizing lead time.

A Lower Press Bolster Plate
This T-Slotted Bolster replaces a lower Die Shoe.
With four columns or bushing holes, three T-Slots, and a center slug cut-out, this die plate is undergoing a precision CNC Machine, Renishaw probe inspection to 0.0005"

MDL Die Components Distributor

Precision Grinding is a distributor of MDL die set components, including pins, springs, ball bearings, and bushings. Our customers can choose  components at or we can assist you with the process.

When you need Die Set  BUSHINGS, PINS or SPRINGS

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