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We manufacture custom plate products. The mold plates above were flame cut, ground, and machined to customer specifications.

Quality Assurance Program

Precision Grinding places the highest priorities on maintaining the precision calibrations of our Production Machines and our precision measuring instruments. A highly skilled labor force with extensive individual and combined experience in the Steel Processing industry regularly maintains these calibrations in order to meet critical customer demands. Job Traveler production steps are inspected at every step of the job.

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T-Slotted Bolster Plate for a Press
A t-slotted lower 4.5" x 24" x 40" Bolster Plate CNC Machined on workholding magnets.  

This T-Slotted Bolster is being probed to 0.0005 accuracy.
These Riser Blocks and Parallels are Blanchard Ground to the same height for use at the same time upon a press or another machine.

Our #5 Mattison ground the edges of these parallel risers and riser blocks to the same 11.875" height at 2.25" x 11.875" x 24". They're sitting upon a work bench underneath a 6,000 lb. magnet. Access to overhead cranes and workstation cranes, hoists and magnets at every workstation allows work to flow smoothly.

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Machined Side Frames
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