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Bolster Plates

Precision Grinding, Inc. specializes in flame cutting, Blanchard grinding and surface grinding (video) and machining steel plate products.

Cutting, Grinding, Machining

A bolster plate normally has t-slots or scribed lines running in parallel the length of the plate. There are many variations in size, dimension, and functionality for these plates. Engineers and tool makers custom design bolsters to meet specific applications.

These plates are normally thicker than 2". We flame cut, then stress relieve A36 structural plate in order to improve the grinding and machining processes. Though, often times specifications suggest a  Blanchard ground to 0.005" tolerance thickness and a 0.005 - 0.010" parallelism tolerance, relaxing tolerance levels may save time and money. Of course, critical, close tolerances can also be achieved. Please, always inform us of your grinding tolerance needs.

CNC Vertical Machining Centers

Our precision machine shop runs two large CNC Machines. Max capacity for our Takumi CNC Machine is 31"h x 78" x 122" at 22,000 lbs. Our CNC machinists average over 5 years experience at Precision Grinding. Our resident Tool Makers are capable of assisting in design engineering, CAD Programming, and full CNC operations. Many of our veteran machinists have been working with Precision Grinding for over 20 years.

Most of these plates require a high-level of expertise when it comes to finishing reamed holes, cutting grooves, beveling or chamfering edges, and end milling or face milling. We can also provide a detailed inspection report using our Renishaw probing system.  In addition, our Takumi is also capable of Horizontal milling edges upon the same piece with the installation of the 90 right-angle head. 

T-Slotted Bolster Plates & Sub Plates
A rather large bolster plate standing vertically upon a 72" x 144" Bar Mill
This custom t-slotted plate is 6' x 4' large standing on one of our Mill Tables.
Bolster Plate Refurbishment: Machined and Blanchard Ground
We also perform large plate refurbishments. This plate was machined and reground to new condition.

CAD Drawings

Throughout our shop, AutoCAD is the preferred programming software. We accept and can deliver most drawing files in 2D and 3D. Faxed in drawings and hand drawings are still acceptable.

Your work order is in great hands. Count on us to deliver your quality parts on time as requested.

Please, call or email us when we can be of service to you.


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