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Machine Pedestals

Precision made Robot Tables and Robot Platforms are standard capital equipment requirements in today's high-technology manufacturing companies. Most robots are designed for specific functions within a custom environment, usually performing elevated tasks. Each robot usually requires its own custom manufactured Robot Pedestal, custom built to size and strength in order to ensure immobility while firmly supporting the robot. As a One-Stop-Shop steel processing job shop, offering plate cutting, Blanchard grinding services, large CNC machining, and steel fabricating services, Precision Grinding, Inc. has the experience to custom fabricate machined steel tables with precision surface ground table tops according to your specifications.

From automotive parts manufacturing plants requiring robotic welders used to maintain consistent, repetitive welding for 24 hour shifts on end to specialty machine shop toolmakers hand-crafting individual, custom steel parts, custom steel tables and mounting pedestals are found in every plant that manufactures custom parts.

Precision Grinding custom fabricates steel platforms, any size, configured to your requirements.

Among our fabricating specialties, we manufacture:

Blanchard Ground Table Tops & Work Benches
Compressor Platforms & Generator Platforms
Large Machine Bases & Motor Bases
Robot Bases, Robot Pedestals, & Steel Workbenches
Robot Platforms, Robot Tables, Robot Workstations

to custom order, imperial and metric sizes.

Please, Call us at 888-WE-GRIND or email us with your next custom steel plate requirement,

We offer a realm of Steel Fabrication Services including complete custom steel table welding, grinding & machining.

Mig, Stick, and Continuous-Feed Welding Services.
Custom Assembly Options: pins, dowels, bolts, welding


Custom Robot Table / Robot Pedestals
Robotic Bases manufactured from A36 Steel Plate - prior to the table top and bottom being Blanchard ground to a smooth surface finish. 
Fabricated from A36, custom robot tables are built to last for years.
Machine Bases and Pedestals custom fabricated to order. These pedestal tops have been blanchard ground to a smooth surface finish.
These unfinished robot bases and robotics pedestals will ship via common carrier to an automation controls company. We pass on discounted shipping rates to you.

Machine frames AND Structural plate frames:
Machine Frames, Side Frames, Steel Tables

Steel Pads, Pedestals & Sole Plates
for Gas Compressors, Motors, Pumps, Diesel Generators, Power Generators:

Gas Compressor Pads Steel Pads for Motors
Gas Compressor Pedestals Motor Pedestals
Pump Pads Diesel Generator Pads
Pump Pedestals Diesel Generator Pedestals

Your One-Stop Shop for Custom Steel Pedestals.
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